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Weapons and Tools

Weapons and Tools

Different kinds of weapons.
Among ninja there were many different kinds of weapons.

Throwing stars
There were many types of throwing Stars in various shapes,including: Pinwheel-shaped, nail-shaped, needle-shaped, and spear-shaped.The Koka ninja most often used pinwheel-shaped throwing stars called "happo-shaped Shuriken" and cross-shaped throwing stars.

Mizugumo (ninja water-walking tool)
Using Mizugumo ninja could walk on water. A mizugumo was a doughnut-shaped wooden plate, with a strap in the middle which held the legs tightly. Ninja also wore special geta (shoes) and walked like they were riding a bicycle.

Rope Ladder
The ninja used many different kinds of ladders such as:
flying ladders, spider ladders, cloud ladders,
rope ladders, hook ladders etc.

Mizugumo Geta
Mizugumo Geta is a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base held onto the foot with a thong.
Mizugumo geta were used to walk in water easily.

Shinobikumate was a tool made of bamboo pipes connected by a rope.
Most often 5-6 pipes were used, but sometimes 8-9 pipes were used. When a ninja pulled the rope hard,the bamboo pipes formed into a long bamboo. A ninja could hitch it any were freely.