Are there any idols among Ninja?
Are there any idols among Ninja?

The names of ninja from the Koka and Iga schools are almost unknown. It’s an unpleasant fact in the history of ninja.
A ninja who revealed his face and name could not do his job as a ninja. 53 families of ninja lived in Koka and they controlled the region.
All things inside the Koka region were controlled by a parliamentary system and strict law. According to this law everyone, parents, and children, brothers and sisters,all received strict punishment if they broke the law,and it was expected that they would obediently take the punishment.
If something happened, first representatives of all the houses established a meeting place and gathered there for negotiations. This system was protected by the ninja families for a long time.
An individual could not decide anything himself. Only a group of representatives made decisions. This cooperation between people in Koka was a great contribution in the development of the Omi territory.
Koka was the only part of Shiga prefecture which did not have access to Biwa Lake and developed separately. These are some reasons why ninja names were not preserved.