Ninja's "Village of Medicine"
The ninja's "Village of Medicine"

The head of 53 families of the Koka the clan, Mochizuki Izumonokami, controlled traffic in the East and West of Japan. Conflicts happened often. As the head of 53 families, he decided what should be done to survive, what position should be taken, and what should be done to develop the district and protect the people. Information was extremely valuable and ninja helped to get it.
Ninja often pretended to be mountain monks; they prayed, sold talismans and medicine, and gathered secret information. During their journeys there was always the chance that they would fail ill or lose their way. [And here ninja needed different knowledge. ]Astronomy, science, medicine, pharmaceuticals… Ninja gathered many new ingredients and recipes for medicine,making during their journeys ,which they brought home and used to establish a “village of medicine” in Koka.