Notes about The Ninja House
Mezzanine ceiling

A hidden ladder leads upstairs where you find yourself in a totally isolated area. This route was used to escape from a pursuer. The mezzanine ceiling at its lowest point is 1 meter high and at the upper point is 1.5 meters high. This was to prevent the enemy from using his katana (sword). On the other hand, ninjas katana were shorter than a normal sword and it was an advantage during a fight in a small space.

3rd Floor

You can go up to the 3rd floor from the 2nd floor, and use the rope ladder go directly to the ground floor.

Ninja lookout window

There is a latticed window on the mezzanine floor.
The lattice can be removed to escape to the ground floor.

Revolving door

The wall in the back of the closet which will rotate if you push it a little bit. If that door is closed tightly, it looks like an ordinary wall.
If the enemy attacked the house, in order to escape the exits and entry to the house would be closed and it would become dark inside.
In that way, the enemy would not be able to see the ninja.


Ninja cornered their enemies in to the trap (pitfall) in the dark room, locked them up and escaped. The pitfall was 3 meters high and enemies could not get out without help.
To defend themselves, the ninja used this pitfall and also dug a wide pathway out of the residence.

Rope ladder

There is rope ladder from the 3rd floor to the ground floor which was used for escape.


There is a lantern depecting the emblem of the Mochizuki family.

Mochizuki Kuyoumon symbols

On the roof of the residence you can see Kuyoumon symbols.

Mechanic window

At first glance it seems that the window does not open, but if you put a piece of paper between the wall and window folds the window will slide open.
Seems that this window can’t be opened widely and enemies don’t even try to escape from it.

Ninja household items

Here you can see ninja household items.


There are beautiful trees in the garden, and you can enjoy the view during all four seasons.